We all have something unique to sell - our knowledge! No-one else has quite the same set of facts and
ideas as we have in our heads. And this knowledge has a price - if we know how to sell it.

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How to sell your knowledge

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We all have something unique to sell - our knowledge! No-one else has quite the same set of facts and ideas as we have in our heads. And this knowledge has a price - if we know how to sell it.

A short while ago, I came across some material by a guy called Ken Evoy. I've been around Internet marketing for a few years now - and I've read all sorts of material, good and bad (and I've paid for some of it!). But Ken's approach is not only readable and refreshingly practical, it works! I know, because I've used some of his ideas with great success.

One of his really invaluable (and FREE) offerings is a series of email courses. One of them really appealed to me - "The InfoProduct Masters"... an intensive 5-Day e-mail course on creating and selling your very own infoproduct online.

Why? Because we all have a wealth of knowledge inside us. And there are plenty of folk who would benefit from this knowledge. But how do you (a) persuade people to take advantage of this and (b) gain your just financial rewards from sharing this gem inside every one of us?

I really do advise you to get this free (yes, and no strings attached!) email course. You can only get it by sending a blank email to:

timsboost-profits@sitesell.net <-click here to fire up your email program. If this doesn't work on your system, copy and paste this email address into your email program.

Click on the above link and it should fire up your email program. Then, just click on "Send" (without any subject line or anything), and in a few minutes, you'll receive Part One of the email course.

But, we're all impatient, so I'm sure that Ken will not mind me reproducing Part One of the Course! So here it is...

Shortly before we "went to press" with "Make Your Knowledge Sell!" ("MYKS!"), I received a rather ordinary e-mail and a nothing-special phone call. So why am I sharing them with you?

Because they were only mundane in the eyes of the *callers*. In fact, those two people hold the keys to YOUR success at e-commerce. Seriously, these two "ordinary" people hold the keys to the SAME doors that you need to open.

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"Mrs. X" called to say how much she absolutely LOVED our first book, Make Your Site SELL! ("MYSS!"). We get tons of raving feedback about MYSS! -- people are overwhelmingly surprised when they see how much top-quality information it delivers for its under US$20 price tag. It really is the best resource or course of its kind at *ANY* price!...

Make Your Site Sell <- click for more info

But I digress. Back to Mrs. X. She was "stuck at home" (her exact words) taking care of two sick parents. So she was looking for something to do from her computer at home...


I almost fell off my chair! Really, I got so excited when I realized that our brand new book, Make Your Knowledge Sell!, would be the answer for this woman. And not just for her, but for everyone who somehow assumes that they are ordinary and that they know nothing of value. I told her...


"Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of 'baby boomers' are in your boat? Or they will be soon -- and they see it coming.

*YOU* are an expert in taking care of your parents and that knowledge has value to others. They will pay you happily so that they do not have to go through your painful learning curve.


Write about it and sell that e-book. Tell other boomers with sick parents all about...

  • bed padding to prevent bed ulcers, and which brand is best
  • easy and nutritious meal supplements
  • when to consider nursing homes
  • how to assess nursing homes o government home care programs o insurance issues
  • how to manage your parents' money
  • delicate issues like preparing the estate
  • etc., etc., etc.


This lady has lived all this -- that's the hard part. It's not easy doing what she does. And over the years, she has seen and done it all.

Now for the good news...

Other people don't want to learn that way. They'd love to buy the experience and knowledge in Mrs. X's head. And because she's "been there and done that".... She'll write with authority. She does not have to make up touching stories (that will ring false) -- she's lived them. She does not have to wade through all the "adult diaper" advertising -- she's tried them. All she has to do is collect her experiences, add a bit of research to round out the rough spots, publish it... and presto!

Sound like a boring topic? Not if *YOU* are faced with taking care of *YOUR* sick parents at home. Believe me...

Mrs. X is in business.

She just didn't know it, that's all.


Another gentleman sent me an e-mail telling me how he had no education. He had been a contractor for 30 years, so... "WHAT THE HECK CAN I POSSIBLY SELL ON THE WEB?" Right under his nose and he can't see it. Here's what I wrote back...

"Write a book and tell me all about...

  • contractor scams... how to detect and avoid (or beat) them
  • the basics of a renovation agreement -- get all the key terms in writing
  • 5 key questions to ask a contractor before you hire, and what to look for
  • how to be your own contractor and hire and manage the right carpenters, plumber, electrician
  • how to get lumber, plumbing and electrical supplies at wholesale
  • etc., etc., etc.


Listen closely now...

I have renovated my own home -- had to fire the contractor after a few weeks. Let me tell you -- I'd pay that gentleman $100 without blinking if he'd sell me what's in his brain.

There are tens of thousands of other people who would, too.


So what's my point?

The point, dear reader, is that *ANYONE* really, really, really (enough "reallys"?) *CAN* do this.

There's a book in everyone. Each of us lives a life of unique circumstances and experiences that results in building a body of knowledge... knowledge that has value and that can be packaged and sold to others.

MYKS! shows you how to find "the infoproduct within," how to create and publish it, and how to market and sell it. It's all here, under one single "MYKS!" roof. You need *absolutely nothing else* to succeed at selling what's in your brain.

To prove it to you, Monique and I have assembled this intensive 5-day e-mail seminar...

> "The InfoProduct Masters Course."

This should fire up your email program. If it doesn't copy and paste this address into your email program:


Over the next four days, we're going to give you a Quick Start Formula to help you actually create, market, and sell a ten-page booklet on the Internet, in *EXACTLY* 10 days.

Yes, over the next 4 days, we'll cover a 10 day program that will lead you to infoproduct income. If you apply the information in these e-mails, you'll be selling an e-booklet on the Net in 10 days from now. Don't have a merchant account? Doesn't matter. Don't know how to set up downloading facilities -- so what? Don't have a brain or any knowledge?

*NOW* we're stuck! ;-)

This is the same formula that Monique's seminar attendees (expensive but worth it!) have used to create and sell their own products.

It's *THE* door to your personal e-commerce success. See you tomorrow. :-)


P.S. While you're waiting for tomorrow's e-mail, please review the Make Your Knowledge Sell! Web site. Do not buy it -- just review the site so you have a solid idea of where we'll be going over the next four days.

Make your knowledge sellThat's the first of the 5 parts of this email course.. and they are highly instructive. Remember, you can get it by sending a blank email to:

timsboost-profits@sitesell.net <-click here to fire up your email program. If this doesn't work on your system, copy and paste this email address into your email program:


And yes, follow Ken's advice and have a look at the MYKS web site.

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