Here's how to find software on the Net. Free software downloads are easy to find. Cheap software is also
easy to find .. if you know how. This workshop tutorial shows you how to get it.

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How to find software

Click HERE to find people!Here's how to find software on the Net. Free software downloads are easy to find. Cheap software is also easy to find .. if you know how. This workshop tutorial shows you how to get it.

There is a huge resource of free and low-cost software, and many sites which maintain software download sites and libraries. Some of the best are listed below.

Just a few points to bear in mind:

  1. Whilst most sites thoroughly check all files before allowing them onto their download server, it is still possible for some software to be infected with a virus. We strongly urge you to invest in a good virus checker before downloading and using software from the Internet.
  2. If you use and like a piece of "shareware", please do the honest thing and register it. This will help to ensure that shareware authors continue to produce and update their software - which is for the benefit of all of us.
  3. Most software available for downloading is archived in a compressed format. PC users will need a piece of "decompression software" to "unzip" the downloaded software. The most popular software for Windows users is PK Zip. You can get a copy of this shareware programme at For Mac users, a good freeware product is StuffIt Expander from (versions also available for Windows and DOS)

The following lists are not comprehensive. What's the point of having 200 sites to visit if you only need one good one to provide the software you need? We have tried to focus on the quality sites, so that the efficiency of your software searching will be improved.

Recommended software sites  
Obviously, for Windows only, but a huge resource. Worth exploring, but takes some time. The search facility was a bit flaky when we last checked.'s Download Channel
It's absorbed a number of the traditional software sites, and it's huge. Prepare to spend time exploring this vast resource!
Further help on this topic...
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Tucows - The Ultimate Collection of Windows Software
Regarded as one of the best shareware sites. PC and Mac software. All software is rated from 1 - 5. A 'golden oldie'!
Rocket Download
Used to be mainly games and fun utilities, but broadening out now. Merged with Digital Candle, so it may change. PC only
Now part of the C|Net group, like (see below). Still good in its own right.
Other software sites 

Stroud's Consumate Internet Apps List
Another longstanding site. Good search engine. Top Twenty chart. PC only
From C|Net. Comprehensive and easy to use.

Galt Shareware Zone
Mainly Windows 95. Reported to be good for screensavers and desktop themes, if you want to amuse yourself!

Shareware Junkies
Self-styled "Internet's oldest software review site", and beginning to show its age. Still useful, though. Full info and reviews on all the programs. PC and Mac

The ULTIMATE Macintosh
Self-styled "the biggest, the ugliest and the most useful Macintosh page on the web". No points for design, but a great jump station for Mac users seeking software

The Best Free Internet Software
Like the name says! All freeware, no shareware. PC only


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