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 The Online Consultancy Service
 How to access the Consultancy Service
 What does our FREE consultancy service cover?
 The Online Mentoring Service
 How to access the BusinessFriendŽ mentoring service
 How does the BusinessFriendŽ mentoring service work?
 Why use the BusinessFriendŽ mentoring service?
 The Web Site Appraisal Service
 Apply here for the ResultBuilderŽ FREE web site review service
 Is YOUR web site eligible for our free web site review service?
 The Web Site Promotion Service
 Is your web site 'search engine friendly'?
 Apply here for the FREE web site promotion service
The Newsletter Spamcheck Service

 Choosing and Registering a Domain Name
 Domain name tips
 How do domain names work?
 How to decide on your domain name
 How to buy a domain name
 Is your domain name available?
 Types of domain names
 What is a domain name?
 Which type of domain name should you choose?
 How to find information on the Internet
 Internet Search Methods
 How to use web search engines
 The six best search engines
 Other good (or unusual) search engines
 The best Meta Search Engines
 UK Search Engines
 How to find files on the Net
 How to find software
 How to find people
 Getting info from Newsgroups
 Getting info from email lists
 Other Internet info sources
 Targeted Marketing
 The benefits of targeted marketing
 When is targeted marketing useful?
 The seven stages of targeting marketing
 Targeted marketing Stage 1: Selection of target market sectors
 Targeted marketing Stage 2: List research
 Targeted marketing Stage 3: Telephone research
 Targeted marketing Stage 4: Selecting prospective customers
 Targeted marketing Stage 5: Sending out the mailshot
 Targeted marketing Stage 6: The telephone follow-up
 Targeted marketing Stage 7: Recording, measuring and monitoring
 Web Site Selling Techniques
 A keyword strategy to get a good search engine ranking
 How to sell your knowledge
 How to hypnotize people into reading your sales materials
 Make email 'subscribers' turn into 'loyal readers'
 Marketing Magic Workshops
 Tracking Online Advertising
 How to win a sale through psychological triggers
 What do people want online?

 Get your site listed here!
 Internet Marketing Techniques
 Management Techniques
 Marketing Techniques
 Selling Techniques
 Web Design Techniques
 Web Graphics
 Web Site Promotion
 Web Site Software
 Reciprocal Links
 Weekly Internet Marketing Article
 Resources for Webmasters - scripts, tools, downloads - and more

 Web Art and Design Resources
 Links to Free Graphics and Font Resources
 Graphic Tools and Software Resources
 Web Art and Design Resources
 Web Authoring Software Resources
 Web Design and Usability Resources

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 Articles about Advertising Techniques
* Six Powerful Selling Words
* How To Write AdWords Ads That Bring In Profit
* Improve Sales Conversions: 1-Point Checklist
Writing The Ultimate Sales Letter
Advertising In A Nutshell
 How To Write Headlines That Get Read
 Graphic Designers - Who Needs One?
SEO Copywriting For Top Ten Positions
19 Rules For Writing Killer Headlines
Subtle Changes Make A Difference - Part 2
Subtle Changes Make Difference - Part 1
7 Questions To Ask Before You Advertise
Radio Advertising - best for your business?
Copywriting Makeover - Part 1 of 2
Copywriting Makeover - Part 2 of 2
The best day to post a mail shot
 Double your mailshot responses
 The headline in an advertisment
 How to choose the right press advertising media
 An irresistable advertising headline
 Prescriptions for powerful advertising
 DOs and DON'Ts for press releases
 Writing advertising copy
 Writing a press release
 How to write an excellent sales letter
 Your trade show exhibition stand
 Articles about Internet Marketing Techniques

* Internet Marketing With Video Blogging
* Use Search Terms In Web Page Links
* PPC Direct Linking Helps Affiliate Marketing
* 4 Forum Marketing Mistakes
* 3 Tips To Increase YouTube Traffic
* Optimise Your Wordpress Blog For The Search Engines
* Squidoo How To Guide
* The Video Marketing Revolution
* Getting Targeted Traffic For Free
* Using Video For Internet Marketing
* Article Marketing: A Profitable Strategy
* Affiliate Marketing Success Test
* Suffering From "Marketing Overwhelm"
* Increase Internet Sales With Free Trials
* 7 Deadly Sins Of Website Copywriting
* Getting One Way Links The Right Way
* 3 Tips For Dominating A Niche Market
* Web 2.0: Important For Internet Marketing
* 7 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Cash
* How To Use Social Bookmarking Sites
* How To Create Multiple Income Streams
* How To Build A Huge Mailing List
* PHP - A Good Choice For Internet Marketers
* How To Sell Resale Rights Products Offline
* Ethical Link Building - Are You Doing It Correctly?
* How To Find Advertisers For Your Blog
* 7 Tips To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising
* Web 2.0 And Marketing Strategy
* Newbies Web Startup Guide
* Busting Online Copyright Thieves
* How To Get Others To Promote You - NOW!
* Rejuvenate Your Affiliate Checks
* Viral Marketing: Do You Really Know What It Is?
* Content: The Ultimate Link Building Strategy
* The Magic Solo Ad Formula
* Latent Semantic Indexing Explained
* How To Create eBooks Without Writing Them Yourself
* Web 2.0: The Second Generation Internet
* Using Video Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Website
* The One Internet Marketing Lesson You Must Learn
* Increase Your Income With Viral Marketing
* Simple Split Testing To Increase Sales
* 3 Reasons For Using Social Networking Sites
* Joomla Templates: Design Your Site With These
* How To Harness YouTube As A Marketing Channel
* WordTracker: An Essential Keyword Research Tool
* True Online Video Arrives In 2007
* Google AdSense - The Do's And Don'ts For Success
* Niche Marketing To Craig's List
Developing A Stream Of Website Traffic
Is Your Website A Post-It Note Or Superglue?
10 Steps To Get Video On Your Website
10 Sins Of Blog Usability
How To Increase Website Traffic
Writing SEO Articles
7 Viral Marketing Techniques
Blogs & Forums - A Two-Pronged Approach
How Article Marketing Helps Search Engine Marketing
The Basics of Podcasting
Increase Sales With Top Search Engine Rankings
Link Building With Directory Submissions
Essential Internet Marketing Tools
Cash Generating Strategies For Your Website
Internet Marketing Failure - How To Turn It Into Success
Links - Should You Buy Them?
Copywriting With Google's "Dynamic Keyword Insertion" Tool
Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
Internet Marketing Buyers Beware
What You Need To Know About Web Hosting
Email Marketing: Basics & Common Sense
25 Ways To Add Content To Your Website (Part 2)
25 Ways To Add Content To Your Website (Part 1)
Google AdWords Keyword Optimization
PPC Advertising
Search Engine Optimization: Don't Believe The Hype
What Is Affiliate Marketing And Is It For Me?
Traffic Generation At Low Cost
Three Ways To Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website
How To Make Quick Cash With Resale Rights
Improve Your Click Through Rate In Google AdWords
Earning A Living Online
Cashing In On Technology Trends
Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy
Will Duplicate Content Filters Destroy Article Marketing?
Build A Profitable Subscriber List
Affiliate Marketing: 4 Common Mistakes
When To Use Pay-Per-Click
Podcasting: DJ Your Way To Internet Marketing Success
Secrets To Increasing Website Traffic In The New Year
Yahoo Publisher Network: Another Way To Earn With Your Website
ROR Your Website - Help Search Engines Get Smarter
How To Create 7 Effective Autoresponder Messages
How To Succeed With Email Marketing
Proven, Fast & Easy Eays To Generate Traffic
Creating A Search Engine Copywriting Plan
Marketing Your Website On A Budget
Little Known Secrets About Credibility Marketing
How To Profit From Your Free Reprint Articles
Profiting From Articles - A Step-By-Step Guide
The ALT Tag In Search Engine Optimization
How To Analyze Your Website Visitors
Paid Inclusion Programs - A Thing Of The Past?
Fueling the Ideal - Marketing with Articles
How Keyword Density, Frequency, Prominence, Affects Search Engine Rankings
How To Build Massive Keyword Lists
Google PageRank Update Analysis
Autoresponders - Frequently Asked Questions
Tips For Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Pay Per Click Search Engines - Beginners Guide Part 2
Pay Per Click Search Engines - Beginner's Guide Part 1
Creative Commons - Getting Leverage For Your Articles
RSS vs Email: It's Not An Either-Or Question

Auto Message Setup: A New Breed Of Autoresponder
12 Website Design Decisions You Need To Make
PayPal: The Granddaddy Of Online Sales Transactions
Blogs and Networking
Using an eBook as a Viral Marketing Tool
Affiliate Product Landing Pages - 3 Tactics That Sell
How to Create a Favicon for Your Website
Building A Linking Strategy For Your Website
11 Ways To Use Autoresponders
How I Reached #1 In Yahoo! - Part Two
How I Reached #1 In Yahoo! - Part One
High Impact Viral Marketing Strategies
How Marketing Articles Can Kickstart Your Business
The Money Is In The List
RSS: A Solution For Sending And Receiving Content
Are You Utilizing All The Features Of Google Adsense?
The Best Traffic Generation Tool Is Free!
How To Write Google AdWord Ads For Profit
How to Get Thousands of Dollars Worth of Advertising for Pennies
Networking Your Marketing Strategies
Build Massive Keyword Lists
The Money Is In The List
Google Adsense Program Expands With Web Search
15 Ways to Read an RSS Feed
Syndicate Your Headlines Using RSS
The Mystery of the Magical Keyword Density Formula
And you thought Google was just a search engine?
 How to avoid your email newsletter being blocked by spam filters
 How to avoid being ripped off by Internet scams
 Building linked web site networks
 How to choose domain names
 Compete online by building online communities
 Customer relationship management in the digital world
 Your email signature file
 Finding advertisers for your web site
 How to get more web sites to link to yours
 Ten ways to really annoy your web site visitors
 Keep your website visitors
 Key words and MetaTags
 Marketing your web site through associations and societies
 New thinking in the digital age
 Online marketing vs 'real world' marketing - what's the difference?
 Outbound internet marketing
 Profit from pay-per-click programs
 Quizzes and polls increase direct response
 Reciprocal linking - click-for-click
 Search engine ranking systems: is your web site ready?
 Website tip - shrink your .gifs
 Ten ways to build an effective web site
 Using a transparent spacer .GIF to promote your web site
 Using your web site statistics
 Using web safe colors in your website
 Make navigation on your website easier
 What makes a website work?

 Articles about Management Techniques
 How to delegate better
 Choosing and using a consultant
 How to choose a good business opportunity
 Growing your business
 How to get your employees to accept change
 Decision making - better results from wrong decisions
 Performance appraisal: how to do it
 Product Life Cycles - developing your product strategy
 Strategy trumps tactics
 10 ways to get paid more promptly
 What goes into a business plan?
 Articles about Marketing Techniques
* Free And Low Cost Strategies To Turn Round A Cash Strapped Business
* The Process Of Marketing
* Is Your Marketing Strategy Killing Your Profits?
* The Guerrilla's Three Targets
Using Good Grammar On Web Pages - Part 2
Using Good Grammar On Web Pages - Part 1
Adjectives Really Do Matter!
5 Tips To Get More Results From Marketing Materials
Increase Your Profits With A Marketing Calendar
Multiple Income Streams - 5 Reasons Why You Need Them
How Long Till Marketing Works
Opt-In Marketing
What Marketing Can't Do For You
What Marketing Can Do For You
Opening A Hidden Niche
Do's and Don'ts Of Emailing Press Releases
The New Secrets Of Guerrilla Marketing
Narrow Your Markets - Hit Your Targets
Marketing With Postcards - The 2-Step Method
The Process of Marketing
Clean Up Your Marketing
10 Important Marketing Tips
Focus On Benefits Not Features
Powerful Direct Marketing Numbers
The Power of Buzz
Your Business Card is a Marketing Tool
Utilizing the Power of Other People's Markets
The Rule of Repetition
Guide to a Profitable Marketing Mix
Adding value as a marketing strategy
 Change your thinking - transform your business
 Direct response marketing: some guerrilla insights
 Gap analysis: spotting new niches in a market
 Getting intimate with customers
 How to give excellent service
 Giving away free information and products
 How to become a marketing genius
 Know your customer
 Power-driven Retailing
 How to price test your market
 How to sell at higher prices
 Targeted marketing: how to do it
 Targeted marketing: what is it?
 Testimonials as a marketing tool
 What's unique about a Unique Selling Point?
 Using newspaper archives for market research
 Six simple principles of viral marketing
 Articles about Self Improvement Techniques
* Secrets of Internet Marketing Millionaires
Making Your Time Earn More
Five Mistakes I Made Last Year
Beating The Curse Of The "Mosquito Mind"
 How To Get The Wealth And Fame You Deserve
The not-so-secret 'Secrets of Success'
Enthusiasm - the key to success
 Being focused - the key to success
 Knowing self-image - understand people
 Transform Negative Thoughts into Positive
 Articles about Selling Techniques
* 5 Strategies For Following Up Effectively
Why People Buy
When you can close the sale
 Handling questions, rejection and complaints
 How to handle sales objections
 How to sell a service
 How to sell more by listening
 Increase your telephone selling success rate
 Making presentations - 6 tips on how to make an impact
 Making voice mail messages sell for you
 Another way to overcome sales objections
 Paint a word picture - excite your customer
 The 3 musts of pre-selling your offers
 Your price is too high
 Matching benefits: selling what your customers want
 Selling promise - and proof
 Selling the sizzle - not the steak
 How to sell using the telephone
 Learn the 1000 year old sales technique

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