You can access our FREE online consultancy service by completing the form on this page. We will either send out your question to the whole team, or if it is specialised, identify who in our consultancy team is best suited to advice you.

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Our FREE online consultancy service

How to access the service

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. We will either send your query out to the whole team or, if it is very specialised, identify who in our consultancy team is best suited to advise you
  3. We will then email you, acknowledging your request, and letting you know what will happen next. Sometimes advice may be given at this stage.
  4. If we can answer your query without extensive research, we will do so FREE of charge.
  5. If the advice that you seek requires extensive work, we will give you an estimate of the costs involved and let you know payment terms. However, we would prefer to give an initial free consultation before discussing any payment terms.

Application Form for Free Consultancy

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What they say about our free consultancy service

"Thank you for the feedback you sent me on staff appraisals. It is greatly appreciated, and will be read and considered thoroughly."

"Thank you for your informative reply to my email concerning the starting of a mail order business. I really appreciate your quick response and helpful information."

"Thanks for all your help, and for some really neat ideas"

"Thanks for your detailed explanation of my faults related to targeting business partners in development areas. I like critics. We are a young company and have just started up our sales efforts. That's why we needed an experienced point of view like yours."

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