The Web has an enormous collection of graphics and fonts, and there are links to many free image,
graphicand font resources on this page.

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Free Graphics and Font Resources

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The Web has an enormous collection of graphics and fonts, and there are links to many free image, graphic and font resources on this page.

But beware! Although many designers have entered into the "free" spirit of the web by offering their work without charge, unless you are absolutely certain that an image really is free to use, you could fall foul of the copyright laws.

But what you certainly can do for free is to learn from the many different styles and techniques used by graphic designers.

Fonts, too, play an important part in web design. Remember two things, though...

  • For normal text in a web page, stick to the well known fonts, such as Arial, Verdana (that's this one), Times New Roman (ugh!) or Helvetica (for Mac users). That's because fonts aren't downloaded with a web page. Only fonts already on a visitor's machine will be used.
  • By all means use fancier fonts in graphics, and the links below will give you access to thousands of different fonts. But use them sparingly. A page with just two or three different fonts will look much better than one with a dozen fonts scattered around.

Links to Free Graphic Resources

  • - Free web graphics, web design HTML tutorials and tips. Book and software reviews, and affordable web design.
  • Boogie Jack's Web Depot - Webmasters resource with free high quality web page graphics, tools, HTML, CSS and graphic tutorials, cut and paste JavaScript, and sound effects.
  • - You have to pay to get full access to the resources, but the free samples are often enough!
  • Freeimages Collections - Free membership to resources for designers' backgrounds, images, and photo collections.
  • Google Image Search - The biggest picture library on the planet? We find it invaluable! Note our "copyright" warning above.
  • Graphics Designer's Studio - Source for graphics designers to find free images, backgrounds, and buttons for interfaces, or to use as buttons. Tutorials for making graphics. Custom web page and graphics design.
  • High Power Graphics - Free and custom graphics, webmaster tools, templates, and graphic software.
  • Tickie's Web Page Themes - Free graphics for personal web pages. Coordinating page themes, over 700 backgrounds, interfaces, calling cards, tips for creating pages, and custom work.
  • Vector Animations - Offers custom flash animations for web sites and hundreds of free clip art that is arranged in categories.

Links to Free Font Downloads

  • Acid Fonts - Archive of free fonts and Dingbats for the PC platform, font conversion available for the MAC user. (Beware - multiple popup windows!)
  • Font Pool - Over 1000 categorised truetype fonts, with previews for you to download.
  • Cool Archive - Archive of over 900 TrueType fonts with color previews, for PCs and Macs.
  • - Download thousands of free fonts, wingdings, and symbols in archive format, and learn to manage, and install your free fonts.
  • 1001 Free Fonts - Offers, a large selection of freeware and shareware fonts for the PC or Mac. Search function available.
  • FontFILE - Over 750 free fonts to download and use.
  • - Freebie fonts, discussion, links.
  • Blue Vinyl Free Fonts - One of the largest all original freeware font, dingbats and clip art sites on the net. Updated every month.
  • - Fonts ranked by amount of downloads. Fonts listed with a nice simple preview and direct download.


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