Niche marketing means you don't have to sell everything like a peddler to a vast frontier.
Instead, you can select a product or service in a market that will be most profitable.

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Opening A Hidden Niche

Make money with Ads by Google

By Riki Trafford 2005

Everyone at some time has heard the phrase, "Jack of all trades and master of none." In marketing, this type of failure is often avoided by finding your Niche. Niche marketing means you don't have to sell everything like a peddler to a vast frontier; instead, you can select a product or service in a market that will be most profitable.

On the Internet, niche market is highly effective. Since billions of services and products are sold on the Internet, you want to identify a niche that allows you to position your business in a positive way to an already existing market. You don't have to be a big Internet business to make big profits through a niche. The truth is even a small Internet business can pull in big bucks provided that business attracts the right visitors.

The best way to approach finding a profitable niche is finding an un-met need, then filling it. Even if you believe you have the best product or service out there, it won't matter if you don't have a market that needs it.

There are over 50 billion websites selling some product or service online, so finding an open niche isn't that easy. However, sometimes it's how you present the niche that can make a world of difference.

The least frustrating way to approach selecting a profitable niche is inventorying your expertise. Even if tens of thousands others in your industry understand your area of expertise, perhaps you have a unique spin or position that will make you stand out and shine above the others.

All too often a great niche is handled poorly or abandoned on the Internet. When you come across this, you should first research what caused this failure before you launch into the niche.

  • Begin the research by testing keywords on the Internet. List keywords and synonyms that are closely tied to this niche and test these in search engines.
  • Study the search results and note the listings on those results.
  • Follow through to study the listing sites to see if these sites look old or deserted.
  • Try to guess why these sites failed or are failing. Has the niche lost its appeal to its market or was the site poorly constructed and run?

When you discover a gap inside a niche site that isn't well represented, ask yourself if you could fill that gap in a way that would interest your market. Many of these gaps are found inside customer service.

Could you prefer that service better for your customers than your competitors?

Another type of gap involves keywords. Sometimes website owners overlook keywords that are frequently used by their market. You can mine for these keywords yourself by testing keywords in Google and studying the results or by using a free software such as Google Keywords by Softnik Technology to find out how many searches per month are requested for certain keywords along with the number of results that appear.

Why pursue a niche that's fully saturated or very well presented? In this case, you may want to pick an alternative niche.

Entering a niche that's well covered requires lots of capital and a level of expertise that very few people can pull off. For instance, do you have the money and resources to compete with Amazon who's extremely on top of their game at this time?

The best part about niche marketing is it allows you to present your product or service to the right market and make a quick profit.

By first testing your market and finding out if your market would be attracted to your product or service, you then can place your best foot forward and stand on solid ground.

Copyright 2005 Riki Trafford. All rights reserved.

About the Author:
Riki Trafford is the manager of Direct MO Marketing which offers low cost keyword-targetted web traffic. For more information visit his web site:

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