Have you ever considered what it would mean to truly think of yourself as the
technology doctor?. Let me explain..

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by Teresita Dabreio

I call this, The State Of The Art Of Consulting Practices. Since the bulk of my work is in consulting to technologists, I will use that group as my example. You should fill this in with whatever your area of specialty is.

Here's an analogy that hopefully will induce the paradigm shift you need to be successful. Please don't scoff until you've considered this and at least tried to implement it in your practice.

Have you ever considered what it would mean to truly think of yourself as the technology doctor?. Let me explain.

A doctor makes all of his or her money from what? From seeing patients in the office...or from performing tests, surgery and other treatments?

You know the answer: from the implementation of the advice they give in their consultations in the office. I would bet that a doctor earning $300,000 makes 75% of his or her revenue from people implementing the advice they get in the office!

Right? They don't go through all that diagnosis and service for nothing. They do all that to find the right answers, to make you well, and, to make tons of money making sure the right advice is implemented!

Isn't this what we as technology consultants REALLY DO? A "patient" comes in to see us. They are complaining that their system "isn't feeling (working) the way it used to" and they want us to "diagnose and treat" the problem.

Sound familiar? This is what we do. And I sincerely hope your consulting practice resembles a doctor's practice. No one feels like they got "sold" a test or treatment. No, rather they feel like it is their decision to buy the treatments!

Further, people don't say "Doctor, please submit to me a detailed proposal telling me exactly what you're going to do, in what time frame and how much it will cost." What do you usually tell the doctor? I would guess it sounds something like "It could be cancer? Can we get started on treatment today?"

Finally, most people don't go out and say "Gosh, this is a great plan for making me better. Let me go out and find someone cheaper to do it." Right?

Now, shouldn't we do the exact same thing? Shouldn't we be viewed as "technology doctors"? Shouldn't we get "patients" who will hire us to figure out what's wrong, and then pay us to make sure they implement the "treatments" needed to make them "better"?

Don't you see the simplicity and beauty of this approach? Won't it be nice to have people thank you for helping them get their "treatments" taken care of? (Which, by the way, will lead to more referrals than you've ever had in your life, without having to ask, annoy, beg or otherwise push people into giving you these names! Come to think of it, when's the last time your doctor asked you, "So Bob, I was wondering if you knew of anyone else who needed a MRI or bypass?")

Let's face it. This is exactly how doctors make so much money, and it's the fastest and easiest way for you to make money!

Shift your paradigm - become a technology doctor!

This Quick Tip comes from Teresita Dabrieo one of our Associate Consultants on the site. Teresita is CEO of Success Partnership Network, a US-based consultancy "dedicated to providing the best tools for independent technology consultants to start, grow and develop the practice they have always wanted". This is excerpted from her book "Why Top Independent Computer Consultants Don't Have To Sell And How You Can Have Prospective Clients Calling You, Wanting To Buy!" Click here to email her for more details.. Mention Marketing Magic for a complimentary issue of SPN's newsletter "$trategic Consultant". As I help consultants develop and market their practices, I see them working from a mindset that will never let them grow and be as successful as they want to be. I'd like to introduce you today to a thought that will shift you from 'getting by' to 'wildly successful'.

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