Affiliate marketing is changing - fast.. You need new techniques to survive and prosper.
In this article, you'll discover one technique which you can use immediately to rejuvenate your affiliate checks.

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Rejuvenate Your Affiliate Checks

Make money with Ads by Google

By Ewen Chia 2004-2007

Affiliate marketing is changing - fast.. You need new techniques to survive and prosper. In this article, you'll discover one technique which you can use immediately to rejuvenate your affiliate checks.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away...

Isn't that usually the first opening statement in most fairy tales? That infamous line that began such great children lore of days gone by.

If you think about it, it's really a brilliant beginning. It sets the mood for the tale about to be spun as one that happened in a long ago setting where fairy tales and legends could have been a reality.

I think that statement is about to make a big comeback in the world of affiliate marketing.

Once Upon a Time...

There was once a time when getting online, setting up a few banners, trading a few links with other sites, placing an ezine ad here and there, and not pay a penny for any of it, would reap a tremendous windfall of traffic to the vendor's site and, in return, a nice commission check every two weeks.
Then an evil darkness descended upon the Internet and all the advertising strategies started to cost money. Gasp!

The tactics that worked no longer reaped the bountiful harvest of traffic and commissions it once yielded. The Internet was set upside down in search of a new strategy... that one tactic that would bring back the wealth and ease of affiliate marketing.

Then, it happened!

A new day in marketing affiliate programs began and the Internet was brought back to it's once prosperous days. Marketers could now set up a "mini-site" full of great content that would rank high in the search engines and draw in wary and unsuspecting visitors from which to prey upon their very credit cards.

Great wealth was had by all and order was restored!

But alas, as it happens with all great times, this period of reformation started to slow down. The search engines changed their rules. People were no longer so unsuspecting. The world had become wise to the ploy of the affiliate marketer.

Darkness and despair returned to the Internet and, once again, armed only with a desire to make a living online, the affiliate heads off on a new journey that will bring joy back to the land...

--> The Tactic That Saved Affiliate Marketing!

Yes, what you just read is a true story, but sometimes it feels like we're within our very own Disney movie. Complete with ogres, dragons, evil kings, space aliens, a talking mouse and a sword stuck in a stone that no one can seem to free.

One moment we're up and the next we're knocked back down by the dark forces of the Internet.

--> Two Steps Needed For Affiliate Prosperity

As it goes with all business, growth is the key to any kind of success we can dream about. Whether you're promoting just one product or a thousand, the key to a stable online presence is growth.

Now that the former means of advertising and manipulation of the search engines no longer work effectively, you need to take steps forward toward seeking out new tactics and advertising strategies in order to secure that needed growth. And to do it with the least possible cost.

There are two distinct steps that now need to be taken to make that search successful.

1) Creating a tool that you can use over and over again that people will want.

2) Keeping your advertising budget to a minimum while still maintaining a strong Internet presence.

Yes, on the outside it looks like a daunting and almost impossible task, unless you pump in thousands of dollars.

But, I said you need to do it with the least possible cost.

--> Here's The Answer

People are looking for one thing. In a recent survey, 85% of the people who log onto the Internet are all searching for information.

WebMD is one of the busiest sites, in terms of traffic, on the Internet. Millions of people visit that site each week. They are not there to buy anything... they just want information.

That's the key to affiliate success.

Remember the two points: A tool that you can use over and over again, and keeping your advertising budget to a minimum.

Information does both of those at the same time.

By simply putting together a short "mini" ebook, you are achieving all of your objectives.

--> Giving People What They Want

Let's say for example you are an affiliate for a fishing website.

By putting together a short ebook on a certain fishing tip, or product, you are giving the people exactly what they want.

The people who download your ebook are reading about something that interests them. Now here's the real secret ingredient.

Within that ebook, among the body of your information, you place strategic links back to the vendor's site where each and every time the readers buy something you receive the commission!

They are not pressured into buying anything and are a lot more receptive to a casual mention of a product or website than when confronted with a hard sales pitch.

--> Lowering Your Advertising Budget

So how does this all work to lowering your advertising budget and keeping more money in your pocket?

While the ebook is free, why not make it so that the people who download it can also give it away for free?

That way you are exponentially multiplying the number of people who will read your ebook AND visit the site you're an affiliate of.

If you're reaching more people by using a "viral" (the techie term) ebook you can then decrease the amount of advertising you need to do.

--> A Happy Ending

As the fearless affiliate marketer thus raised the sword in the air and slayed the dark beast of the Internet, order was restored and affiliate marketers everywhere rejoiced in the newfound prosperity brought unto them.

No longer were they slaves to old tyrannical techniques, but now had the information needed in order to prosper and build a lifelong business under the rule of freedom!

About the Author:

Ewen Chia is an affiliate marketing expert who has successfully promoted many different affiliate programs using the techniques he has perfected in "Mini Ebook Secrets"... Receive more information on this explosive tactic at

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