Reciprocal linking is accomplished when two sites agree to link together for the purpose of exchanging traffic.
Sort of a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' effect.

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Reciprocal linking - click-for-click

Make money with Ads by Google

by Jayne Spencer

Reciprocal linking is accomplished when two sites agree to link together for the purpose of exchanging traffic. Sort of a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' effect.

Does it work?
Yes, it can work beautifully for both parties. The trick is to find a site that will be compatible with yours so that each site's visitors will be interested in both sites. What is also very good is if this site is getting high traffic and yours is in need indeed. This linking strategy is called "target marketing" and if done right, is one of the cheapest form of advertising you can get today .

How can I do this with my site?
It's not always an easy task to simply ask another webmaster for a reciprocal link. In some cases, you will need to send an email and ask for it. If you're a bit timid or shy, this can present a big problem. Get over it--now!

After all, you will want to show him/her just how it will be to their advantage to exchange links with you, and will be a win/win situation for you both. Some webmasters won't even answer your email -- but don't take it personally. Simply move on to the next site, find the "contact us" button and send the email to them. You might go through a bunch of sites before you find one that will say okay. This, to me, means there IS intelligent life out there after all.

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Okay, you want to know what to put in the email.
Here is my version. (Remember, you need to be nice here.)

Good morning (or afternoon - whatever the case).I've visited your site several times now and I'm impressed with all the great information and services you offer your prospective customers.

My site, is of the same type as yours. As I was visiting your site, I was thinking how mutually beneficial it would be both for you and me if we were to exchange links--not only us, but our visitors as well.

I've done some checking on reciprocal linking and it does seem to be a great way to increase traffic. What do you think? If you are interested, please reply. It's up to you.

Thanks for your time

So, send this out to a couple of sites you'd like to link to. Give them at least one week to respond (webmasters are busy-busy-busy). After this time, if you don't get an ok, scratch that webmaster's page and send the same email to another.

NOTE: If you get a lot of negative responses, rewrite the email and send it out again. Don't be shy. Hey, the worst that can happen will be "no response" or that dreaded "no". But you'll have the satisfaction that at least you tried. That's what's most important anyway.

Note: we have another article on reciprocal linking, giving a different perspective. Click here to read it.

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Jayne is the Webmaster for Spencer Publications,, and the editor of Spencer's Internet Gazette. You can subscribe to her free newsletter by emailing

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