Using viral marketing is a very powerful way to market your online product or service.
The amount of traffic to your website can increase remarkably if you use viral marketing strategies.

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Increase Your Income Using Viral Marketing

Make money with Ads by Google

By Gary L Jinks Copyright 2007

Using viral marketing is a very powerful way to market your online product or service. The amount of traffic to your website can increase remarkably if you use viral marketing strategies.

With viral marketing you will usually be giving away a product, whether it is an article, a report or an ebook. Then you will have links within the product to your own product or website, which will hopefully take the reader of the free report back to your website or encourage them to purchase your own product.

You can use viral marketing for both your own products and websites as well as for affiliate products. You can create your free product with resell rights and/or giveaway rights, so the recipients of your product can either give it away to their own customers or even sell it to make a little extra money themselves.

Giving your product with these rights encourages your customers to give it away or sell the product, and if they also give away the resell and giveaway rights, that is how your product can become viral.

Using eBay to sell your product at a low cost such as just 99 cents, can get a lot of people reading your report and quite a few of them may also go on to sell it themselves.

Imagine when you have a heap of people giving away or selling your report with your links to your own product or affiliate product in it, you will be having hundreds and perhaps even thousands of people seeing your links.

A good way to give away your free product is to offer it to your website visitors. You can use it as a way to build your marketing list by asking them to sign up to your newsletter and when they do they will receive a copy of your free product. This will also help you increase sales by being able to email them in future and show them the links to your product more than once.

Statistics show that a person will usually see a product three or four times before purchasing, which is why email marketing works so well. It gives you that opportunity to show them your product more than once.

At the end of your free product, have a small section encouraging them to share your report with their friends or to use the report as a bonus or give away to their own website visitors or marketing list.

You could also offer your customers an extra bonus for every person they refer to download your report. Of course if you do this you would need to set up a script so you know who referred each person.

There are viral scripts available that can do this for you. Some of them can also set up your customers as affiliates so that they have their own affiliate link that they can use to refer other people to your free product. You can also set them up so that your affiliates can share in some of your future commissions; this is a good way to encourage the readers of your report to become affiliates for your report.

By promoting a product using viral marketing techniques, you can reach many more people with much less effort. Even if your viral marketing starts off slowly, stick with it as the more time that passes and the more people that read your free report, the more viral it will become.

About the Author:
Having been scammed online more times than you can shake a stick at, Gary L Jinks decided to go undercover and do something about it! You can read about his shocking exploits and results at

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