'How can I increase traffic to my website?' is a question which I get asked daily.  While each website is different, and will require different solutions for specific situations, there are many things that can be applied to virtually ANY website that will boost traffic to the site.

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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website?

Make money with Ads by Google

By DL Perry Copyright 2007

"How can I increase traffic to my website?" is a question which I get asked daily.  While each website is different, and will require different solutions for specific situations, there are many things that can be applied to virtually ANY website that will boost traffic to the site.

Below are some of the most useful and recommended things that can be done to increase traffic, as well as help target traffic.

  • Create and submit a proprietary Google Sitemap and siteindex file -- In addition to being an excellent way to keep Google up to date on your sites activity, this will also provide access to Googles' stats, diagnostics and tools to help you increase visibility. Google also accepts standard RSS feed submissions through your domains Google Sitemap account.

  • Create and selectively submit RSS feeds. These standard xml feeds should include a Sitemap feed as well as targeted topic feeds. One example might be a targeted feed containing links to your "Products" data sheets. If you're the DIY type, a Free RSS Sitemap Template is available here.

  • Join and actively but intelligently participate in related forums. Avoid submitting posts 'just to get your name on the board,' but DO actively monitor a select few forums and submit useful, appropriate posts, responses, articles, etc. - carefully following individual forum rules.

  • Implement responsible, targeted 'Social Bookmarking' at services such as del.icio.us, digg and furl.

  • Offer an informative email newsletter. This newsletter can contain items such as; an informative weekly/monthly/quarterly article on a specific relevant topic; detailed information on and links to a featured product or service. Include links and verbiage from your website in this newsletter. Recipients for your newsletter will include:
    • Anyone who has contacted the website and/or requested additional information
    • Direct Subscription Requests via a secure (anti-spam) online, double opt-in Subscription form.
** IMPORTANT** This newsletter MUST include active and functional one-click un-subscribe capabilities, and ALL un-subscribes should be automatic, immediate, and strictly honored.
  • Syndicate your content. Anything on your website that is of informational value to visitors looking for your product, information, advice and/or services could be syndicated. This can be done manually, or via software such as Master Syndicator and Master Syndication Gateway - designed to manage multiple syndicated items. A good DIY article is available here -->"Roll Your Own" Content Syndication

  • Review, rework and refresh your keywords/phrases. Take an honest look at your targeted keywords/phrase(s). Do they accurately reflect what a real-life searcher would type into a search engine in order to locate products or services such as yours?

  • Review, rework and refresh your content. Be sure to intersperse targeted keywords and phrases in the content of each page. Optimize content to ensure your targeted keyphrase(s) are the first thing a bot sees. You can check your current site here -->http://www.dlperry.com/what_search_engine_spiders_see.html

  • Review, rework and refresh your tags. Go over your site and source code with a fine-toothed comb to insure your site is making optimum use of tags. Be sure ALL your images have relevant and appropriate names and <img alt> tags. All <name> tags should also be appropriate and relevant. Comments within the source code should be limited or non-existent. If comments are necessary, avoid placing them at the beginning of a page or paragraph as much as possible, and avoid using targeted keywords/phrases in the comments themselves.

  • Of course, anything you can implement that facilitates easy, open communication between you and your site visitors is always recommended. A simple, basic 'Contact Us' form may be all that you will need, and MasterFeedback is a great free formhandler for that purpose.  However, frequently a more robust solution is desired -- , and MasterFormV4 is the answer.  This popular form handing software can perform a multitude of tasks and functions - it is the most versatile multi-function Form Handler on the internet today.

  • Take a look at some of the software, scripts and tools available for information and ideas that will apply to your website --> http://www.dlperry.com/enhance_website.html and http://www.dlperry.com/professional_cgi_scripts.html

This is not an all-inclusive list, but it's a good start. Each of these suggestions can be implemented individually, however some perform best when used in conjunction with each other.

I hope this helps.

About the author:
DL Perry is a Freelance Internet Website Professional offering high quality, affordable Website Design; Site Enhancement, Interactivity and Functionality Tools; Site Management; and SEO Services Since 1998.  Her  years of internet and industry experience and commitment to website function, navigation and usability have earned the reputation as one of the best in website services.  To discover how she can help you with your internet website project, visit her site at: http://www.dlperry.com

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