With most people there seems to be an endless search for the one answer on how to drive traffic to their website and turn
those visitors into buyers. Here's three proven methods to achieve this.

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Three Ways To Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Make money with Ads by Google

By Kathleen Gage 2006

With most people there seems to be an endless search for the one answer on how to drive traffic to their website and turn those visitors into buyers. Here's three proven methods to achieve this:

Before you start..
Before you start to drive traffic to your site, you need to become a resource before you are a vendor. This means creating credibility with your potential buyers before you ever ask for the sale. Hands down, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by offering something of high perceived value at no cost to visitors from your website. This could be a white paper, a content driven report, a how-to MP3 file, or an invitation to sign up for a seminar or business briefing.

In order to access the information or sign up for the seminar, have your visitors leave their contact information. It can be simply a name and email address or full contact information. The visitor will receive your free product and you will have gained a new contact.

The question then becomes, "How do I drive qualified visitors to my site?" It's great to offer something from your site, but as with anything, you must know how to market your site to potential buyers.

Method #1
One of the most cost-effective strategies to drive qualified traffic to your site(s) is through article writing and distribution to forums, discussion groups and Ezines that are specific to your market.

The articles must be content driven, not a blatant sales piece. With most online resources you can add what is referred to as a "resource box" at the end of the article. A resource box contains 2 - 4 sentences about you with a link back to your site.

Method #2
A second effective method to drive traffic to websites is with solo ads in specific locations. Rather than trying to sell something in the solo ad, offer your free resources by giving a description of the item with a link back to where they can download or register.

Solo ads are very cost-effective and work well when placed in the right publications and sites. Again, it is based on knowing your market rather than randomly placing an ad and hoping for a result.

Method #3
A third effective method in generating site traffic is to participate in Joint Venture (JV) Campaigns. In JV Campaigns, one person sells a product and dozens of other people offer a valuable bonus product with the purchase.

Basically, a bonus eProduct is offered as an incentive to buy another eProduct, book, product or service. With this type of campaign each JV Partner agrees to send a message to their readers about the campaign.

In order to have access to the bonus product, customers visit a landing page where there is a description of the bonus as well as a place to leave a name and email address in order to get the bonus.

The cost is minimal and yet the market reach is incredible, often exceeding millions. Only participate in JV campaigns with people who are reputable and their product fits with your market or message.

Be prepared!
Regardless of which strategy you use to gain opt-in subscribers you must make sure your backend marketing systems are in place. Many businesses fail to utilize the power of Internet marketing to the fullest potential because they have no backend marketing systems. To not do this is a waste of time, money and energy.

By keeping in touch with current and potential customers you build trust and name recognition. You will be recognized as a resource before you are a vendor, putting you miles ahead of the competition.

About the Author:

Kathleen Gage is an award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker and corporate trainer. Get Gage's FREE eBook STREET SMARTS EMARKETING Tips Guaranteed to Jump Start Your Internet Presence to Put You Miles Ahead of the Competition! Click http://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/free-ebook.htm

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