Advertising techniques use psychology.. Ask a question, get attention through headlines,
make it personal to the reader and make your message easier to read.

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Prescriptions for powerful advertising

Make money with Ads by Google

by Drew Eric Whitman

Advertising techniques use psychology.. Ask a question, get attention through headlines, make it personal to the reader and make your message easier to read.

PRESCRIPTION #1 Ask The Obvious!

If your sales letter copy doesn't grab your reader's attention within the first sentence or two, your mail gets thrown in the kitchen trash on top of the cabbage scraps. So here's a simple technique that virtually forces readers to keep reading:


Here are some examples:

  • Dear Bill, Do you want to work half as many hours and make twice as much money?
  • Dear Cyndi, Do you know the secret of getting your office professionally cleaned at price?
  • Dear Ted, Would you like to be able to defend yourself against even the toughest street thug?

As top salespeople know, it's important to get your prospect in a "Yes Frame Of Mind". An appealing question asked in the very first sentence of your letter grabs your reader's attention and gets them interested!

PRESCRIPTION #2 Write Killer Headlines!

It's a fact: Headlines are the most important part of your ad! Studies show that 60% of ad readers read headlines and no more.If your headline doesn't interest them, the rest of your ad will never get read no matter how great your product or service!

So don't say, "Are You a Strong Sales Closer?"
DO say, "Powerful New Seminar Teaches You to Close 84% More Sales!"

Don't say, "You've Never Used a Grease Cutter Until You Try Grease-Off!"
say, "Amazing New Industrial Cleaner Bubbles Away Grease In 3 Seconds - Costs Just Pennies Per Gallon!"
put your biggest benefit appeal in your headline!

PRESCRIPTION #3 Use Pronoun Power!

Here's a tip that can make all the difference in the world in your sales letters.

Use the words "you" over and over again in your copy.

Besides your reader's own name, "you" is one of the most personal words you can use. Especially since sales letters are a personal medium. So say, "The reason I'm sending you this letter is 'Do you want to boost your profits?' I bet you'd like a free copy of our book."

Too many advertisers try to impress readers with the size of their company and constantly say, "We" do this and "We" do that. "We" has its place, but use it sparingly. You don't want to alienate your reader and make him or her think your company is cold and completely self-serving, do you?

PRESCRIPTION #4 The shorter your sentences the better!

Want better response? Use shorter words! Write shorter sentences! Limit your paragraphs to four or five short lines! Why? They're easier to read! That means people will read more. The more people read, the better your chance of persuading them to buy. The more they buy, the more money you make.


Drew Eric Whitman is the author of, How to Create Power-Packed Ads, Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW! and co-author of, The $50,000 Business Makeover Marathon . Visit him on the web at:

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