Choosing the right 'drop date' can improve your direct mail response rate.
When should you post your mail shot?

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The best day to post a mail shot

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Choosing the right 'drop date' can improve your direct mail response rate. When should you post your mail shot?

If your postal delivery service is fairly predictable (i.e. reliable), you can choose when your mail shot should arrive through your prospect's letter box or arrive on their desk. Here are some indicators, based on extensive research, as to when prospects are most likely to read your mail shots:

Business mail

  • Best day: Wednesday
  • Second best days: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Worst days: Monday and Friday

So, play safe and aim to mail out on a Monday (if posted in the UK for delivery in the UK). In other countries, use your own experience of the mail to determine the mail-out day.

Consumer mail
Best days are Friday and Saturday. The rest of the week is pretty much the same. So (for the UK) aim to mail out on Thursday.

Best months
The industry seems to agree that the two best periods are mid-January to mid-June and mid-September to mid-November. But, obviously, you will need to take account of your own seasonal patterns, which may over-ride these months

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